Cubist seated woman by Frigyes Matzon

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This fabulous work of art was sculpted by Frigyes Matzon (1909 - 1986) who was one of the most prominent artists of the cubist period in Hungary. He was educated at the College of Fine Arts in Budapest and also taught there in the 1940's, dividing his time between Budapest and working in Rome. Between 1945 and 1947 he was a prisoner of war in Molln, Austria. Under Socialist rule in Hungary his artistic output was curtailed and he worked as a technical drawing editor at the Institute of Building Sciences and then at the Institute of Surveying and Soil Testing. He sculpted in several mediums, but his most famous are those from marble in the cubist style, some of which were monumental. From 1965 - 1980 he was head of the Fine Arts Creative Circle of the Hungarian People's Army. After his death in 1986, many of his works were donated to the town of Várpalota where there is now a permanent exhibition.

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions:  11.5" H (29 cm) x 10.75" W (27cm) x 5.5" D (13.5cm)

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